Thursday, April 9, 2009

Prince George a big winner with stimulas money!

I can't believe what I am hearing. There are actually people out there that are complaining the BC Gov't is spending money as if they think it has all to do with an election. Hello???

For the last 7 months the world has been in a major financial crisis and recently all the world leaders have met and agreed that all governments spend money in their perspective areas to help get through this world mess.

The way I see it, the BC Liberal Government have been very prudent and good and redeveloping BC as a place to live and more important a place to work and do business. Because of them BC enjoys a triple AAA credit rating and also cash in the bank to now spend during these hard times. Save for a rainy day, and thank god they did.

Now on to the great news for Prince George here is links to just a few great announcements:

These are just a few to find out more just click here.

All the best and don't forget to vote in the up coming May Provincial Election.


Dean Birks

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