Monday, April 20, 2009

Market has picked up in last few weeks

The Prince George Real Estate market has picked up with very low inventory for homes under $250,000 range. I have even been involved in multiple offers in the last week which has not occurred much since last summer.

Revenue property is low as well but I am aware of some very good ones coming on the market in the next week or so which has good cash flow.

The tolerance of buyers looking for fixer uppers has gone but a good home or property renovated well and ready to go seems to be selling well.

Plus the low interest rates combined with the reduced prices makes for another great opportunity. Prince George is very well positioned to move and carry on up as the economy moves forward.

For a list of revenue investment properties either duplexs or homes with suites just visit and send me a request and I will email a list to you.

Dean Birks

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