Thursday, April 30, 2009

Landlord Help?!

I just came across what appears to be a fantastic service to help landlords in BC. I had an investor client that mentioned he used their services and has been a very big help.


Dedicated to providing services, products and representation to help our members suceed as rental owners, ROMS BC serves and represents 2,000 members who collectively manage over 45,000 residential rental units throughout British Columbia. Our Members benefit from a broad range of services including:

-instant legal and operating advice
-credit checks on tenancy applicants
-educational seminars
-trade show
-forms which meet government and business requirements
-comprehensive bi-monthly news magazine
-savings with reputable suppliers
-residential rental insurance program, designed exclusively for ROMS BC Members
-lobbying to all levels of government

Give them a call to find out more at 1-888-330-6707 or Click Here for the website.

Hope this helps.


Dean Birks

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