Monday, November 30, 2009

Subject request - City of Prince George view of suites

I received this request/suggestion for a subject which I thought was timely and interesting:


May I suggest a topic suitable for both general market and your investor blog - the present position of secondary suites in PG. Some years back the city council passed a planning principle saying such suites were encouraged in single family house with one important proviso of assigned car parking. Then two years later a public interest group commissioned a thoughtful study of the topic. [this study is good sources of stats and data.] See LINK After that I loose the trail. Can't tell if the city followed the Abbotsford model or did what Vancouver and many many BC towns did in 2005 - 2007, namely, grandfather all existing suites but require permission going forward.Clarification on City's policy and if they grandfathered or are actively considering doing so would be really interesting to many. Paul


The city has not changed there official position from what I can tell (Click Here for there Circular). This and other info can be found on my website under the tab called "Investor Info". However a few years back the City did change/update the zoning and for most single family homes in Prince George a suite & home based business are now zoned to do so in accordance with city bylaws.

It is my experience that they have not grandfathered anything but have put a blind eye to things unless there is a specific complaint about a specific property at which time the city bylaws acts accordingly.


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